The social application Uber, which allows users to connect and pay each other for local transportation, planned to partner with United Nations Women to create one million jobs for women as Uber drivers. UN Women has since backed out of the partnership reportedly due to reports from union groups claiming the Uber driver jobs had […]

On Monday, Anonymous continued its online war against ISIS. Anonymous posted the names of 9,200 Twitter accounts suspected to be affiliated with the Islamic State fundamentalist terrorism group. Another annual Twiplomacy report is out. Each year, Twiplomacy reviews and ranks national and international organisations and leaders on their Twitter use.  This year, the owner of the report, Burson-Marsteller, analysed […]

The United Nations held its first “Social Media Day“ Saturday. Using the hashtag #SocialUN, the event attracted online and offline participants and featured Adam Synder of Burson-Marsteller who gave a keynote speech on the latest (2014) Twiplomacy report. In Ecuador, President Rafael Correa announced the launch of Somos + (We Are More), a social platform where users can sign up […]

The Ukrainian nuclear power generating company “Energoatom” and Holtec International (“Holtec”) have concluded an amendment to the contract for the construction of the Central Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Facility (CSFSF) in Ukraine, to receive spent fuel from three of Ukraine’s nuclear power plants (NPPs) on 26 January in Brussels. The President of NNEGC Energoatom, Yuriy Nedashkovskyi, […]

The war of the President of the Russian Federation in Ukraine has plumbed new depths. When President Vladimir Putin invaded Crimea in February 2014, much violence was avoided; this was partly because the professional soldiers from Russia and Ukraine involved were neighbours with families living in the same communities and children at the same schools. […]

In Switzerland @Davos participants took to Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and YouTube, to share hashtags, images, opinions and facts. At the same time, social networks themselves were under fire @wef for disrupting European tech and innovation.  Meanwhile Edelman released its annual global Trust Barometer. Out of those surveyed, an estimated 48% trust the news and information they get from social media. In Kenya, […]

The hashtags #JesuisNigerian and #BokoHaramKilled2000People attracted less attention than #JesuisCharlie. However, in the end social media did respond to images, released by Amnesty International, of the Boko Haram massacre of over 2000 Nigerian civilians the same day that terrorists killed 17 people in France. Ironically, Nigerian politicians, some of whom joined the #JesuisCharlie on Twitter, failed […]

In France, the terrorist attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo sparked the trending hashtag #jesuischarliehebdo in support of the victims. The hacker group Anonymous announced via their Belgian social media account that they are declaring war against the terrorists. In an international survey of writers, PEN, a US-based literary and human rights organisation, noted that 31% of social […]

Mexican social media was abuzz after 18-year-old Agustin Flores allowed himself to be set on fire in protest against political corruption in the Mexican state of Chiapas. President Obama of the USA told ESPN radio last week that social media “Polarizes Society.” Around the same time, Twitter suspended the terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) founder Hafiz Saeed’s Twitter account. Saeed planned the […]