The United Nations held its first “Social Media Day“ Saturday. Using the hashtag #SocialUN, the event attracted online and offline participants and featured Adam Synder of Burson-Marsteller who gave a keynote speech on the latest (2014) Twiplomacy report. In Ecuador, President Rafael Correa announced the launch of Somos + (We Are More), a social platform where users can sign up […]

In Switzerland @Davos participants took to Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and YouTube, to share hashtags, images, opinions and facts. At the same time, social networks themselves were under fire @wef for disrupting European tech and innovation.  Meanwhile Edelman released its annual global Trust Barometer. Out of those surveyed, an estimated 48% trust the news and information they get from social media. In Kenya, […]

The hashtags #JesuisNigerian and #BokoHaramKilled2000People attracted less attention than #JesuisCharlie. However, in the end social media did respond to images, released by Amnesty International, of the Boko Haram massacre of over 2000 Nigerian civilians the same day that terrorists killed 17 people in France. Ironically, Nigerian politicians, some of whom joined the #JesuisCharlie on Twitter, failed […]

In France, the terrorist attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo sparked the trending hashtag #jesuischarliehebdo in support of the victims. The hacker group Anonymous announced via their Belgian social media account that they are declaring war against the terrorists. In an international survey of writers, PEN, a US-based literary and human rights organisation, noted that 31% of social […]

Mexican social media was abuzz after 18-year-old Agustin Flores allowed himself to be set on fire in protest against political corruption in the Mexican state of Chiapas. President Obama of the USA told ESPN radio last week that social media “Polarizes Society.” Around the same time, Twitter suspended the terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) founder Hafiz Saeed’s Twitter account. Saeed planned the […]

In general news, Facebook blogged in “Making connections to Facebook more secure” that the social network is now directly available to Tor users. This “provides a way to access Facebook through Tor without losing the cryptographic protections provided by the Tor cloud.” In Mexico, the anti-government hashtag #YaMeCanse has been replaced with #YaMeCanse2 after #YaMeCanse mysteriously disappeared on Twitter. Users blame “peñabots,” fake […]

Happy Thanksgiving for those of us from the USA. My holiday celebration means this column is a day late. Starting with Canada: peaceful protests on the 22nd of November denounced government budget cuts in light of increased defence spending in Montreal. Demilitarize McGill, a group dedicated to highlighting and protesting federal government-funded research into drones, data mining and […]

The theme for Europe this week is privacy.  Italy, currently holding the European Union’s rotating presidency, has proposed an EU-wide data protection board to mediate disagreements between Member States over data-sharing. The current EU approach to data disagreements and privacy is the purely advisory board, the Article 29 Working Party. At the same time, the Austrian Max Schrems […]

We begin this week’s round-up with Mexico. Where many traditional media and journalists are either in fear or in collaboration of some sort with the local drug gangs, social media has become a source of accurate and up-to-date information for scared citizens. Unfortunately, that puts some social media users in danger, and this past week @Miut3, […]

Facebook’s government user data requests are up 24 percent, and apparently Europe tops the list for the most requests. No wonder Europeans are such strong privacy advocates. Inside Europe, Irish water charges resulted in almost 100 protests nationwide the 2nd of November, followed by a number of  social media pranks – from hidden cameras to fake newscasts […]

This is a weekly column that provides a global summary of government and social media. Topics are presented in geographical order this week, starting with India. In addition to pushing his rank and file to actively engage with the public via social media since his election, this week Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the […]

Is an intrinsically political media missing from the Brussels journalistic landscape? Apart from our new effort to bring multifaceted news to the fray what else could be on the way for the town? The Scene New Europe newspaper continues in its paved laneway, euobserver has recently completed its five year business plan and seems to […]