Summary Europe and Google continue to wrestle over the extent and implementation of the right to be forgotten ruling – some interesting stats in this week’s newsletter.  The new UK Government revives the so-called “Snooper’s Charter” and reforms the “Prevent” strategy (for countering online terrorism) with little friction from the non-existent opposition in Parliament. Belgium’s […]

Summary The EU revealed its outline for the future Digital Single Market of Europe last week. The UK finished an election – and the Conservatives and their snooper charter are back in (but the EU may be out…) Facebook and Twitter badged voters in the UK to show who participated (and shame who didn’t.) Ghanaians […]

Summary Sunday, May third, was World Press Freedom Day. In Ireland, discussions over privacy regulation and Facebook continue. The UK elections are heating up (with Facebook supporting literal political conversation art on the London Eye). Austrians are a-Twitter about a politically insensitive pastry and Serbians suspect their Government may be threatening political satire on TV […]