Panini Expo, Tour et Taxis, Brussels If the gaping chasm between the end of the world cup, and the beginning of the new football season is too much, then a look around an expo of Panini stickers from the 1970s to the present day may just fill that football-shaped void in your life. On display […]

Interview with Terry Reintke MEP When the European elections results were announced, they sent a certain amount of panic and confusion amongst Brussels-watchers. The equilibrium, we were warned, was upset. Commentators pointed to a rise in Euroscepticism, not to mention downright contempt for the EU, as well as a rise in new MEPs from smaller […]

Expo: 14-18: It’s Our History Royal Museum of the Army and Of Military History, Brussels On June 28 1914, Brussels was bathed in sunshine, where talk was more concerned with the prospects of Philippe Thijs in the Tour de France than in international politics. However, such carefree thoughts were about to be brought to a […]

  Jean-Claude Juncker has been elected to serve as president of the European Commission. This is not a surprise; today’s confirmation merely sealed a deal made in the aftermath of May’s European Parliament elections. In the guise of democracy, a parliament-endorsed candidate should be allowed first shot at the top job. And, with the centre-right […]

  Review: Great Britain, National Theatre, London.   Richard Bean’s latest play is nothing if not topical; dealing as it does with the murky world of tabloid newspapers and phone-hacking. Conceived, written and rehearsed while in the real world former News of the World Editor and others were on trial for the kind of journalistic […]

Jean-Claude Juncker has been in the European Parliament the last couple of days trying to make people like him.   Ahead of his confirmation as president of the European Commission, Juncker has ben meeting with the political groups in the parliament. On Tuesday 8 July, he met with his own tribe, the EPP, as well […]