Jean-Claude Juncker has been chosen to be the next president of the European Commission. That was not a surprise; the EU leaders who gathered in Brussels on 27 June had been expected to endorse the former prime minister of Luxembourg ever since opposition to his candidature amongst some governments began to steadily drop off over […]

Ahead of next week’s European Parliament deadline to finalise its make-up for the upcoming legislature, members continue to scramble around in an attempt to secure enough like-minded deputies to form political groups, and, therefore, earn money and influence over the next five years. The May elections to the European Parliament saw a record number of […]

Speculation is much in supply in Brussels right now; with a new legislature- new European parliamentarians, and, a bit later in the year, a new European commission, foreign affairs chief and European Council president – much attention is being given to the name game. Who are the top jobs destined for? Press attention is focussed […]

The situation in Ukraine is set to dominate the agenda as the leaders of the G7 meet in Brussels today and tomorrow (4-5 June). The gathering had bee de to take place, with the participation of Russia in Sochi, however was re-arranged following the Russia’s incursion into Ukraine earlier this year. The G7 leaders (Canada, […]

Lithuania is set to be come the latest member of the single currency. Following the publication of the latest convergence report (which assesses the economic compatibility of non-Eurozone member states with the single currency) on countries that are currently seeking euro membership, Lithuania has been deemed to qualify to become the Eurozone’s 19th member on […]