Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko decided on 16 May to block access in Ukraine to several Russian websites. This is a measure aimed against Kremlin-controlled tools of influence on Ukrainian society, writes James Wilson. It could also be a double edged sword as blocking internet access is a tool often employed by Russia itself, and is […]

“Ukraine is always nearly there,” said Energy Charter Secretariat Co-ordinator Marat Terterov, “But then there is a hitch before achieving the point of arrival.” He was talking at a Round Table meeting on Ukraine’s Electricity Sector and the new Electricity Law of Ukraine that is at the committee stage of reading in Ukraine’s Parliament, the […]

Summary In Europe, The UK is cutting budgets for public programs but also issuing contracts to monitor social media and Kosovo holds a conference on social media and interfaith dialogue. Meanwhile, in Africa, Kenya holds the OLX Social Media Awards and the Government takes the opportunity to lay out plans to hire more IT graduates. […]

Summary Europe and Google continue to wrestle over the extent and implementation of the right to be forgotten ruling – some interesting stats in this week’s newsletter.  The new UK Government revives the so-called “Snooper’s Charter” and reforms the “Prevent” strategy (for countering online terrorism) with little friction from the non-existent opposition in Parliament. Belgium’s […]

Summary The EU revealed its outline for the future Digital Single Market of Europe last week. The UK finished an election – and the Conservatives and their snooper charter are back in (but the EU may be out…) Facebook and Twitter badged voters in the UK to show who participated (and shame who didn’t.) Ghanaians […]

Summary Sunday, May third, was World Press Freedom Day. In Ireland, discussions over privacy regulation and Facebook continue. The UK elections are heating up (with Facebook supporting literal political conversation art on the London Eye). Austrians are a-Twitter about a politically insensitive pastry and Serbians suspect their Government may be threatening political satire on TV […]

Summary This week’s newsletter includes a petition to patrol the Mediterranean to avoid more migrant tragedies, a quick look at how one entire Spanish town runs policy on Twitter, and a dive into British politics online pre elections (social media is less regulated than traditional media – so more nasty…) Also, in case you missed […]

In the lead up to elections taking place in the UK on Thursday, 7 May, the Institute for Fiscal Studies released a report comparing each parties’ post-election plans. The briefing considered the fiscal plans for the Conservatives, Labour, the Liberal Democrats, and the Scottish National Party (SNP), noting that though each promises to reduce borrowing […]

Summary In the UK, Bloomberg outages caused some snarky social media commentary and a Government postponement. A Spanish politician made a gaffe and apologised via Twitter. France is trying to be cool and social when it comes to communicating social policy. Ugandans are increasingly using social media to achieve real world change. Nigeria is watching […]

On the 18th of April, the Earth Day Network along with Google, the World Bank, several pop stars and private corporate sponsors will host #GlobalCitizenEarthDay, a musical and entertainment event designed to “inspire citizens to take action to protect our planet and its people.” The event will be held throughout Washington D.C. The United Nations […]